Media Studies has become a very popular subject for students, due to the variety of genres examined and it's relevance to the way we live our lives today. From trial workshops in Surrey schools, it became clear that there was a demand for Schmedia's services, not just within Media Studies itself, but within English studies too.

For those young people, who may be considering a career in the electronic media, being able to take part in a Schmedia workshop will give them a thorough insight into the broadcast world and may help them to make an informed decision.  For younger students, the workshops are a chance to develop writing and public speaking skills in a totally new and stimulating way!

Schmedia workshops can be tailored to meet the curriculum and the requirements of any year group. Schmedia workshops begin with a short power point presentation about journalism and all its forms. The presentation includes a short showreel film of Carole's past work on BBC News (click on icon to play showreel.)

Students then divide into groups and are presented with a typical story that a reporter might cover at a local radio or television station. They are asked to take on various roles such as "reporter," "presenter" etc, before going on to showcase their group's "live" broadcast!   This exercise encourages team work and usually sparks healthy debate.

Older pupils also enjoy a news writing exercise, subbing down real press releases into snappy news copy.  Working in editorial teams, they then decide on a "running order" for the bulletin and then elect one of their team members to present the news bulletin. 

There are opportunties for these workshops to be filmed or for students to make their own short films.

Throughout a Schmedia workshop there are plenty of opportunities for questions and they're liberally peppered with amusing anecdotes.  They can vary in length from an hour, to a morning, to a whole day, depending on the needs of the class or year group. To date workshops have ranged in size from 30 - 45 pupils in one session.

Schmedia is well connected and is able to pull in guest speakers from the world of print journalism and from the production side of the broadcast industry.

In essence, Schmedia workshops are educational and informative, stimulating and engaging, but above all fun!

Schmedia is offering a one-off, introductory daily rate of £350, which would cover 3 - 4 sessions, depending on class size and year group.  Travel and accomodation costs would need to be included, if travelling outside Surrey.